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To be honest I wish Andrew had stayed with you. His most recent ex is an absolute crazy bitch. She's been with her boyfriend for 5 months and he's given her a 'promise ring' and she's like oh so excited. She pisses me off. Just thought I would rant to you for some reason, cos you are probably the only not crazy ex he has had!


You’re obviously saying this in concern for his well-being or whatever because not sure if you’re aware that he cheated on me so I’m not sure why you would want me to stay with someone like that if you cared for my well-being.

Apparently I was a ‘crazy bitch’ or whatever too so I unfortunately fall under that category too! Hahahaha, no please, feel free to rant to me! I love to hear it. I don’t keep in touch with anyone from high school so it’s nice to speak to (possibly) someone from TKS. But um yeah, promise ring at 5 months? OK! Considering I know why they broke up, she sounds really immature.

I’m glad that everything is over between us because I met Luke and cute stuff has occurred and it’s our 2 years in a couple of weeks!!!

But yeah, I’m sure he’ll find someone that’s not crazy sooner or later.

felines —> felines —> felines —>

scout is the worlds biggest sook and for a strictly indoor cat, he sure does love the outdoors

so now i’m stuck outside, in the cold, studying and supervising my kitten’s outside playtime because he will literally not stop meowing until he goes outside